\\ Easy2Map WordPress Plugin - Documentation

Wordpress Plugin Installation

  1. Upload the `easy2map` plugin folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu tab in WordPress
  3. Go to the Easy2Map menu page (viewable on the left admin menu) to create your first map.
  4. Add as many markers as your require, and save your map once you have customized it to your requirements.
  5. Place the map's code (which will be displayed to you when you save your map), for example [easy2map id=123] in the body of a page or a post to display your map

Making your Maps

  1. Creating a new map:

    Now that you have installed the Plugin, and clicked on the Easy2Map WordPress Menu tab, the map manager will be the first page you see. Click on "Create New Map" to start mapping (1 in image below).

  2. Dropping a Pin

    Enter an exact address (2a in image below), or drag-and-drop your pin to your desired location. You may zoom in on the map for more precise drag-and-drop functionality (2b in image below).

    You can always opt to upload a custom pin icon by clicking on the "Change Icon" (note: .png icons with a transparent background generally look better).

  3. Adding info to your pin

    3a: Give your pin a name in the "Marker's Name" field .
    3b & 3c: Then you can add whatever text you want in the "Popup Content" field. Stylize your text using the text format buttons.
    You can also hyperlink any text you want by clicking on the hand icon. This is a good method of pointing people to more info about the pin your have marked.
    You have the ability to edit the pin info's HTML manually by clicking on the pen icon. This is especially helpful for designers who want full control over their text.
    3d: You can change the pin's icon by clicking on the "Change Icon" button.
    Once you are done entering your pin's information, click on "Save Marker"

  4. Name your map

    Click on the text for "Untitled Map" to rename your map. Your map name is only for your reference, so that you can easily identify it in the map manager (4 in image below).

  5. Choose your map size

    Select between three standard map template sizes, or select you own responsive map size (5 in image below).

  6. Click on 'Map Completed' to save your map and return to your map manager (6 in image below).

  7. You will see a list of all the pins you have created. By clicking on a pin in the list, you can easily edit any marker's information (7 in image below).

Adding maps to your posts and pages

Each and every map created with Easy2Map has a shortcode associated with it (for example [easy2map id="123"].

Copy and paste this shortcode (which will be displayed to you when you save your map and is viewable in the Map manager) in the body of a page or a post to display your map.

Please note that the shortcode is case-sensitive.

What end-users will be able to do?

  • Full map navigation, as it is on Google Maps
  • View your pin information.
  • Click on any hyperlinks in your pin text